Bioinformatics week in Odaiba 2009(BiWO2009)

3 Conferences concerning to bioinformatics will be held during "Bioinformatics Week in Odaiba 2009 (BiWO2009)", December 2 - 4, 2009, at AIST Tokyo waterfront, Odaiba, Tokyo.

JSBi-SIG on Pharma-Informatics:

In JSBi-SIG on Pharma-Informatics group, we discuss bioinformatics for real drug discovery by the researchers of academa, IT industry, and pharmaceutical company. This meeting will feature the issues, for the informatics for target discovery and validation, quality contorl of high througput screening, selection and design of small compound, and analysis of pre-clinical and clinical data.

Bioinformatics Training Course Symposium:

"Bioinformatics Training Course" funded by SCF(Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology), MEXT(Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-Japan) that had been executed since 2005 as a five-years project, will come to a close soon. The result of the project and perspectives will be discussed in this symposium. The participation of those who are interested in not only bioinformatics training but also development or application of bioinformatics is welcome.(Discussions are done in Japanese.)


CBRC2009 is an annual meeting of the Computational Biology Research Center (CBRC) that performs bioinformatics research on a variety of topics. This meeting will feature software demonstration, oral presentations, and poster session, in addition to three invited talks by outstanding scientists. These will provide participants with both an overview of CBRC's research activity and the opportunity to directly discuss individual topics with the presenters.


Dec. 2 Dec. 3 Dec. 4
Morning Opening Greetings Greetings
Bioinformatics Training Course

CBRC Oral Session T[J]
Invited Speech[J]
Afternoon JSBi-SIG on Pharma-Informatics[J]
CBRC WorkshopT
Next Generation Sequencing[E&J]
Invited Speech[E]
Invited Speech[E&J] Coffee Break
CBRC WorkshopU
Database Integration Project[J]
CBRC Oral Session U[J]
Coffee Break
CBRC WorkshopV
Demonstration(Software, Database, Lecture)[J]
Poster Session[J]
Poster Session[J]
Evening Reception

 JSBi-SIG on Pharma-Informatics
 Bioinformatics Training Course Symposium
 The Annual Meeting of CBRC(CBRC2009)

[E]:English [J]:Japanese



AIST Tokyo Waterfront Bio-IT Research Building
2-4-7 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0064, Japan


BiWO2009の各イベントへの参加をご希望の方は、以下の項目に必要事項を記入し、 までメールしてください。

For participation in BiWO2009
Please E-mail to after filling out following.
We appreciate early registration though onsite registration will be available.

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※ふりがな /name in syllabary (Hiragana), if you have.


※参加希望イベント/Which event (events) do you participate in?
 □JSBi-SIG on Pharma-Informatics (December 2)
 □Bioinformatics Training Course Symposium (December 3)
 □CBRC2009 (December 3)
 □CBRC2009 (December 4)

  Participation in Banquet(19:00〜December 3 @ CBRC 11F)
 □Yes  □No
   【事前登録(〜11月1日)】一般:3,000円 学生:2,000円
   【11月2日以降】      一般:4,000円 学生:3,000円
  Banquet fee:
   EARLY (to Nov. 1)  JPY 3,000(standard) 2,000(student)
   LATE (after Nov. 2) JPY 4,000(standard) 3,000(student)
 懇親会費は当日現金で受付致します。/Banquet fee payment will be onsite with cash in JPY.

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