Bioinformatics week in Odaiba 2013(BiWO2013)

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Odaiba, Tokyo is a popular place with beautiful views of the Tokyo bay waterfront area. In Odaiba, there is the Computational Biology Research Center (CBRC), Japanese national institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), which is Japan’s leading research center for bioinformatics. BiWO is a closely-packed series of meetings focused on bioinformatics including CBRC’s annual workshop as the central part. BiWO’s reputation as a good meeting on bioinformatics has been well established. As the year 2013 is the 7th BiWO, the BiWO2013 program committee now plans many invited lectures and so on, which should be more attractive than past BiWOs.

Computational Biology Research Center Workshop 2013

CBRC2013 is an annual workshop of the Computational Biology Research Center (CBRC) that performs bioinformatics research on a variety of topics. This meeting will feature software demonstration, oral presentations, and poster session, in addition to three invited talks by outstanding scientists. These will provide participants with both an overview of CBRC's research activity and the opportunity to directly discuss individual topics with the presenters.

HPCI workshop

The spread of next-generation sequencers which can read a lot of sequence data have brought a flood of bio-related information. What can we acquire from those information, and how can we develop our research works?In this workshop, we will invite some researchers on the cutting-edge of this field and we would like to explore the future of this field.This workshop is supported by "Human resources fostering program, HPCI (High Performance Computing Infrastructure) Strategic Promotion Program: Area 1 Prediction of Life science, Medicine and Drug design platform".

JSBi SIG on Pharma-Informatics

In JSBi-SIG on Pharma-Informatics group, we discuss bioinformatics for real drug discovery by the researchers of academa, IT industry, and pharmaceutical company. This meeting will feature the issues, for the informatics for target discovery and validation, quality contorl of high througput screening, selection and design of small compound, and analysis of pre-clinical and clinical data.


9 Sep. 10 Sep. 11 Sep. 12 Sep. 13 Sep
Morning 7th AYRCOB
[Keynote Speech]
Weimou Zheng
(Academia Sinica)
Hsiao-Chun Huang
(National Taiwan University)
[Keynote Speech]
Kazuharu Arakawa
(Keio University)
HPCI Workshop
[Invited Speech]
Y. Tamada
(The University of Tokyo)
M. Ikeguchi
(Yokohama City University)
S. Tanaka
(Kobe University)
CBRC2013 CBRC2013
[Invited Speech]
T. Katayama(DBCLS)
luncheon seminar
Ryoka Systems Inc.
luncheon seminar
Life Technologies co.
Afternoon 7th AYRCOB
[Keynote Speech]
Takashi Itoh
(University of Tokyo)
[Keynote Speech]
Sunghoon Kim
(Seoul National University)
SIG on Pharma-Informatics
T. Honma(RIKEN)
T. Sato(RIKEN)
H. Mamitsuka(Kyoto University)
E. Nishiwaki
(Carna Biosciences, Inc.)
H. Kashima
(The University of Tokyo)
[Invited Speech]
Y. Baba(Nagoya University)
M. Sasai(Nagoya University)
[Invited Speech]
Fabien Campagne
(Weill Cornell Medical College)
Bio-Systems Theory
S. Imoto
Y. Yamanishi(Kyushu University)
S. Kinoshita(Meiji University)
Natalia Polouliakh
(Sony CSL)
D. Tomonaga(CBRC)
Evening Banquet Closing Ceremony Poster Session Poster Session CBRC2013
[Invited Speech]
Jennifer Wortman
(Broad Institute)
Poster award

7th Asian Young Researchers Conference on Computational and Omics Biology (AYRCOB)
Computational Biology Research Center Workshop 2013
HPCI workshop2013
JSBi SIG on Pharma-Informatics
JSBI SIG on Bio-Systems Theory



AIST Tokyo Waterfront Bio-IT Research Building
2-4-7 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0064, Japan


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