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Cooperation with Industry,
Academia and Government

CBRC works on the cooperation with industry, Academiaa and Government by the following:

Commissioned Research
A system whereby a company or a corporation agrees to undertake research at the CBRC. We can then host their researchers by taking them on as guest research scientists.
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Joint Research
A system whereby a company or a corporation conducts research on the same topics as the CBRC.
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Technology Transfer, Licensing
Permission to utilize/transfer our international property rights (software tools)
Guests can use our intellectual property.
Technological Assistance
Technical Training
A system whereby we train researchers and engineers from other companies or corporations at the CBRC.
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External Research Scientists
(Guest Research Scientists, Cooperative Research Scientists)
A system in which hosting researchers from other companies or corporations for a short period at our facilities. Guest Research Scientist = Invited to attend Cooperative Research Scientist = need to be applied
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Collaborative Programs with Graduate Schools
Established systems for training researchers that cooperate with AIST and graduate schools.
Research scientists from AIST are guest researchers at graduate schools and teach students at AIST until they obtain their doctorates.
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