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Proposal to JST's Strategic Japanese-Swedish Cooperative Programme "Multidisciplinary BIO" accepted

released on 13rd Jul. 2009

°°A research collaboration proposal entitled "Elucidating the import, membrane integration, architecture, and interaction of mitochondrial ¶¬-barrel outer membrane proteins", has been granted by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) as part of their Strategic Japanese-Swedish Cooperative Programme "Multidisciplinary BIO". The Swedish representative is Prof. Arne Elofsson. The Japanese representative is Paul Horton of CBRC, where sequence analysis will be carried out. Another collaborator, Prof. Toshiya Endo of Nagoya University, will oversee experimental hypothesis validation in his laboratory.

Research abstract

°°This collaboration aims to elucidate the import, membrane integration, architecture and interaction of mitochondrial ¶¬-barrel outer membrane proteins (MBOMPs).
°°The Japanese side will perform sequence analysis of the membrane translocation and integration signals in MBOMPs, as well as experiments to hypothesis regarding these signals, and experiments on the topology and stoichiometry and interaction of proteins involved in the translocation machinery. The Swedish side will perform structural modeling of the proteins and interactions involved in translocation.
°°This collaboration will combine the strengths of both countries in sequence analysis, structural modeling, and experimental verification. We expect that significant advances can be made in the understanding of the translocation and membrane integration of MBOMPs.
°° On the Japan side, CBRC will perform sequence analysis and experimental work will be carried out in the lab of Prof. Toshiya Endo of Nagoya University, who is a collaborator in this project.

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