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Paper selected by Faculty of 1000 Biology

released on 1st Sep. 2009

A paper about analysis of protein disorder on protein-protein interaction written by Kana Shimizu (RNA Informatics team, CBRC, AIST) and Hiroyuki Toh (CBRC, AIST)has been selected by Faculty of 1000 Biology as one of the most interesting papers in current biology.
In the paper, authors analyzed protein-protein interaction (PPI) network from the view point of protein flexibility, and suggested that human PPIs prefer interactions between disordered proteins, and that flexibility of interacting proteins pairs may play an important role in human PPI networks.
The comment to the paper is accessible from here


Shimizu, K. & Toh, H. (2009). Interaction between Intrinsically Disordered Proteins Frequently Occurs in a Human Protein-Protein Interaction Network. J Mol Biol., in press (Available online: )

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