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CBRC Researcher Published a Book on "Protein Bioinformatics" with Academic Press/Elsevier

released on 6th Aug. 2010

CBRC researcher (M. Michael Gromiha, Senior Research Scientist, Molecular Function Team) has written a book on "Protein Bioinformatics: From Sequence to Function" and it was published recently by Academic press/Elsevier.

The book has three key features: (i) explains all aspects of proteins, including sequence and structure analysis, protein structure prediction, protein folding, protein stability and protein interactions, (ii) teaches readers how to analyze their own data using available online databases, software tools and web servers and (iii) presents a cohesive and accessible overview of the field using illustrations to explain key concepts and detailed exercises for students.

It is a single-source reference on proteins that explains fundamentals, synthesizes the latest literature and demonstrates the most important bioinformatics tools available today for protein analysis, interpretation and prediction.

M. Michael Gromiha (2010) Protein Bioinformatics: From Sequence to Function, Elsevier/Academic Press.

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