>Invitation to CBRC2009 / CBRC2009への招待

 The Computational Biology Research Center(CBRC), a part of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology(AIST), performs various research activities in the computational biology field. The CBRC symposium has been held annually as a place to send the results.
 The last CBRC symposium(CBRC2008) was successfully held as a part of BiWO2008(Bioinformatics Week in Odaiba 2008), that is composed of; "Taiwan-Japan Young Researchers' Conference on Computational and Systems Biology supported by COE "Genome Language"", "The 39th SIG on molecular biology informatics(SIG-MBI), the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence(JSAI)", "The 1st Japan-India Bilateral Symposium on Bioinformatics".
 The CBRC2009 is scheduled on December 3-4 as a part of BiWO2009 held on December 2-4 with;

The CBRC2009 will be consisted of the demonstration of software and databases, the oral presentations, the poster presentations. To discuss not only the results of CBRC but also more general topics on bioinformatics, some international and domestic speakers at the frontier of bioinformatics will be invited, such as;
Participants from every field of bioinformatics are very welcome.
*We appreciate early registration though onsite registration will be available. here

 独立行政法人産業技術総合研究所 生命情報工学研究センター(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology: AIST/Computational Biology Research Center: CBRC)では、計算生物学分野の多様なテーマで研究が進められています。その成果を発信する場として、毎年CBRCシンポジウムを開催しています。
 昨年CBRCシンポジウム(CBRC2008)は、COE"Genome Language" and JSBi、Indian Institute of Technology、 Delhi (IITD) & Bharathidasan University(BARD)、人工知能学会・第39回分子生物情報研究会(SIG-MBI)と共催でBiWO2008(Bioinformatics Week in Odaiba 2008)の一部として開催されました。幸い、BiWO2008は4日間の開催期間を通し多数の参加者に恵まれ、お台場で全国の計算生物学関連分野の発表研究連携集会として成功裏に終了いたしました。