Instructions for poster presentation | What is Software / Database Demonstration?

Instructions for poster presentation

Poster presentation time

Poster presentation place

How to prepare your poster



Exhibition time 10:00, Wednesday, September 11 - 14:30, Friday, September 13
We would like to ask you to put your poster up during the exhibition time above. But this is not obligatory. Please put up your poster as soon as you arrive to CBRC.
PC demonstration time Your session time (1 hours) indicated above.
Set up your PC at the start time of your session. Power and LAN cable for internet access are provided. Poster room is open during whole BiWO2013 time (except night time; the room is locked during 19:00 - 9:30). You may be at your presentation place longer time than the session. BiWO2013 secretariat does not provide antitheft equipment. You may leave your PC for all day long by your responsibility.
Poster award ceremony During the Banquet(Thursday September12)
Excellent posters will be received the poster award BiWO2013. The poster award is decided by the attendee's ballot.
Open time for preparation 9:30, Wednesday, September 11
Closing time
poster removal deadline
18:00, Friday, September 13

What is Software / Database Demonstration?

You may demonstrate your software or database using your own PC at BiWO2013 poster presentation site. Demonstration session is held at poster presentation room simultaneously. Demonstrators also should prepare a poster. If you would like to demonstrate your software or database, check the item "software / database demonstration" of the poster submission form.


Please bring your own PC for demonstration. Power and internet access including LAN cables are provided by CBRC. Poster presentation rooms are open during BiWO2013, except night time. To avoid PC stolen, please setup your PC at the beginning of poster sessions and remove it at the end of poster sessions. (Poster session time is 17:00-18:00, September 11 and 17:00-18:00, September 12.) However, if you take any antitheft measure and will not mind, you may leave your PC at the poster room. Contact us for details. If you would like to send your PC prior to BiWO2013, contact us.


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