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Research Idea

Research in industrial biotechnology does not take a natural history approach that ends with the compilation of knowledge; rather, it needs to identify and utilize biological mechanisms. The CBRC conducts comprehensive analyses of genomic information, the structures and functions of biological polymers, and subcellular networks, with the ultimate goal of developing technologies that can be put to meaningful use by industries.
Many biological phenomena that occur within the cell arise from interactions between and networks of biological molecules and chemical substances. Fundamental to these activities is information processing within organisms. In order to develop deeper insights into these processes, we need not only to understand the mechanisms underlying individual molecular properties but also to identify genomic information and discover how such information is transmitted and processed in response to external stimuli.
The CBRC sees delivering industrial applications as fundamental to its mission. Our goal is not simply to unravel the mysteries of biological phenomena; superficial analyses using extant technology based on biological data will not lead to industrial application. At the same time, we recognize that there is still a long road to achieve a complete understanding of complex biological phenomena. In analyzing genomic information, the structure and functions of biological molecules, and subcellular networks, the CBRC will adopt a more engineering-based approach than that taken in conventional bioinformatics. By developing technologies grounded in a solid understanding of lifeกวs information processing mechanisms, we seek to make our mark in fields of applied science. We aim to conduct research at a higher level of information science with emphasis on cutting-edge data analysis at the genomic, molecular, and cellular levels, as well as the utilization of advanced mathematical methods and the development of large-scale computational applications. Taking full advantage of the software and databases available at the Center and elsewhere, we will strive to create an integrated and practical information infrastructure.

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