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Fostering Human Resources with Bioinformatics Capabilities

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Bioinformatics cannot dispense with biological information itself nor with hardware infrastructures such as large-scale computers for processing information, not to mention the essential human resources who can make effective use of this software and hardware. Now that next-generation DNA sequencers are in widespread use, product development using bioinformatics, such as genome-based drug discovery, is an extremely promising area.

We have been making strong efforts to foster human resources with bioinformatics capabilities since 2001, that is the establishment of CBRC and the reorganization of AIST.

Ę£HPCI Human Resources Fostering Program (2011-)

HPCIlogo HPCI stands for High Performance Computing Infrastructure. HPCI Strategic Program funded by MEXT has been launched by RIKEN since 2011. The aim of the program is to interconnect Japan°«s high-performance computing devices, including the K computer, and obtain outstanding result by using them. HPCI Strategic Program is composed of 5 strategic program. One of them is "Area 1: Computational life science and application in drug discovery and medical development". It requires not only HPCI but also human resources with bioinformatics capabilities, that is why HPCI Strategic Program holds a human resources fostering program. Since CBRC has successfully managed many training programs, CBRC takes charge of HPCI Human Resources Fostering Program.

Details°°°š°š°°HPCI Human Resources Fostering Program (in Japanese)

Ę£Bioinformatics Training Consortium (2010-2011)

consortium_ban We provided bioinformatics and pharmacoinformatics training courses listed below for paid consortium members. Curriculum based on "Bioinformatics Training Course for Engineers" have been developed continuously.

°¶Bioinformatics e-learning course
On-line 30-hour video programs for beginners, covering outline of bioinformatics.
°¶Bioinformatics tutorial course
Hands-on training of bioinformatics. Every trainee can use a PC.
°¶Pharmacoinformatics e-learning course
On-line 14-hour video programs about basic and practical pharmacoinformatics.
°¶Pharmacoinformatics tutorial course
Hands-on training of pharmacoinformatics, using software for professional which is used in drug discovery site such as pharmaceutical company.

Bioinformatics Training Consortium is under adjournment now. Currently these training courses are run as our HPCI Human Resources Fostering Program.>
Details°°°š°š°°Bioinformatics Training Consortium (in Japanese)

Ę£Bioinformatics Training Course for Engineers° 2005-2009°ň

Bioinformatics Training Course for Engineers_ban We have implemented the Bioinformatics Training Course for Engineers intended for people working in companies etc., which has also been supported by the same MEXT fund. This course, which includes short-term learning and e-learning, has successfully trained 446 people from a wide range of industries and areas over the past five years. Of special note is the Pharmacoinformatics Engineer Training Course with its unique, highly practical curriculum that is conscious of the actual forefront of drug development, in which a large number of people from pharmaceutical companies have received training. Another significant achievement has been the active exchanges among numerous corporate researchers that have taken place throughout the course.

Contents°°°š°š°°Bioinformatics Training Course (in Japanese)
Result of evaluation°°°š°š°°SCF database by MEXT (in Japanese)

Ę£AIST Bioinformatics Training Course(2001-2005)

AIST Bioinformatics Training Course_ban In fiscal 2001 we established the Bioinformatics Personnel Training Course funded by the Special Coordination Fund for Promoting Science and Technology of MEXT, jointly with the Biological Information Research Center (the current Biomedicinal Information Research Center). The training of advanced-level specialists under this course, particularly researchers, expert engineers and annotators, has gained a high reputation. 233 people successfully graduated in five years of this course.

Contents°°°š°š°°AIST Bioinformatics Training Course (in Japanese)
Result of evaluation°°°š°š°°SCF database by MEXT (in Japanese)

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