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2003 No.10 27p Numerical Computation of Enzyme Function Koki Tsukamoto 371KB
26p Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Prion Protein Masakazu Sekijima 512KB
2003 No.9 18p Detection of Genes with Tissue-Specific Expression Patterns using AIC Koji Kadota 1.4MB
14p Development of a Novel Profile-Profile Comparison System, FORTE1 Kentaro Tomii 1.1MB
12p A Novel Method for RNA Sequence Data Analysis Taishin Kin 1.1MB
2003 No.8 18p Inference Structures of Gene Regulatory Networks Daisuke Tominaga 1.4MB
2003 No.7 22p Medium and Long-range Interactions in Protein Folding
- Inter-residue Interactions in Protein Folding -
M. Michael Gromiha 1.3MB
18p Fragmentation Studies for Peptides Using Mass Spectrometry: Experiment and Simulation Kazuhiko Fukui 1.4MB
2002 No.6 17p Protein Classification with Hidden Variables Koji Tsuda 1.4MB
13p Representation of Biological Processes:
Signal Transduction Pathway Database Development
Kenichiro Fukuda 1.4MB
12p Systematic Clustering of a Large Superfamily Based on Sequence, Structure and Function
- Application to the TIM Barrel Glycosidase Superfamily -
Nozomi Nagano 2.3MB
2002 No.5 21p PDB-REPRDB: A Database of Representative Protein Chains from the Protein Data Bank (PDB) Tamotsu Noguchi 1.5MB
20p GUPPY: A Sequence Information Viewer Program Yutaka Ueno 1.4MB
19p Elucidating the Bacterial Metabolism
- Cellular Activities Visualized at the Atomic Scale -
Masanori Arita 1.4MB
2002 No.4 13p Analysis of Inter-Helical Loop Segments in Membrane Proteins Takatsugu Hirokawa 1.1MB
12p Homology-Based Prediction of Eukaryotic Gene Structures Osamu Gotoh 1.1MB
10p Automated Processing System for Protein 2D-PAGE Images Katsutoshi Takahashi 1.3MB
2002 No.3 12p Computational Biology Research Center Makiko Suwa 1.1MB
2002 No.2 9p Computational Biology Research Center Introduction of the center 1.7MB
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