Cellular Systems Analysis Team

Research Topics

¢£ Network inference by Structural Equation Modeling
¢£ Revealing the mechanism of specified odor substance from enzyme activity
¢£ Pathway analysis for bio-fuel biosynthesis in microalgae
¢£ Development of distance metric learning algorithms for ranking gene expression data.
¢£ Machine learning approaches to the study of drug-induced liver injuries.

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Team Member

Kentaro Tomii
Leader E-mail
Kentaro Tomii
Key Words

protein structure prediction, profile-profile alignment, FORTE, sequence alignment

Sachiyo Aburatani
Senior Research Scientist
Key Words

Gene Expression Analysis, Covariance Structure Analysis, Network Inference

Kazunori Yamada
Research Staff
Key Words

Protein structure prediction, In silico drug discovery, Interactome analysis

Papers List

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