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DateEventparticipant (CBRC)
12/3 - 4 CBRC2009
12/2 - 4 BiWO2009BioInformatics Week In Odaiba)
7/1 - 3 8th International BIO Expo Tamotsu Noguchi
Toutai Mituyama
Kazuhiko Fukui
Wataru Fujibuchi
Hiroko Sakai

The Annual Meeting of Computational Biology Research Center 2009

Date December 3(Thu)4(Fri)
Venue Computational Biology Research Center(CBRC), AIST
Detail CBRC2009 Official HP:http://www.cbrc.jp/cbrc2009/index.html
About CBRC2009:
CBRC2009 is an annual meeting of the Computational Biology Research Center (CBRC) that performs bioinformatics research on a variety of topics. This meeting will feature software demonstration, oral presentations, and poster session, in addition to three invited talks by outstanding scientists. These will provide participants with both an overview of CBRC's research activity and the opportunity to directly discuss individual topics with the presenters.

BioInformatics Week In Odaiba

Date December 2(Wed)4(Fri)
Venue Computational Biology Research Center(CBRC), AIST
Detail Official HPhttp://www.cbrc.jp/biwo2009/index.html
About BiWO2009:
3 Conferences concerning to bioinformatics will be held during "Bioinformatics Week in Odaiba 2009 (BiWO2009)", December 2 - 4, 2009, at AIST Tokyo waterfront, Odaiba, Tokyo.
Links for details;

  • JSBi-SIG on Pharma-Informatics
  • Bioinformatics Training Course Symposium
  • The Annual Meeting of Computational Biology Research Center (CBRC2009)
  • 8th International BIO Expo

    Date July 1(Wed)3(Fri)
    Venue Tokyo Bigsight, Japan
    Host Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.
    Detail & Contact BIO ACADEMIC FORUM
    • CBRC Oral Presentations
    • The CBRC will host a pavilion at the 8th annual International Bio EXPO on July 1-3 at Tokyo Big Site.Five CBRC scientists will present their latest work in oral and poster presentations.Please enjoy lively discussion with numerous other participant.

    • July 1 Wed.
    • 16:10-16:40ACA-1
      Title: "Bioinformatics Training Course at CBRC: Results and Perspectives."
      Hiroko SakaiTechnical Staff, Molecular Modeling & Drug Design Team
    • 16:50-17:20ACA-1
      Title: "High performance computing for protein-protein interaction "
      Kazuhiko FukuiTeam Leader, Molecular Function Team
    • July 2 Thu.
    • 14:10-14:40ACA-7
      Title: "AIST Integrated Data-mining System for Cell Morphology and Gene Expression"
      Wataru FujibuchiTeam Leader, Cell Function Design Team
    • 14:50-15:20ACA-5
      Title: "An information analysis for RNA-seq data by utilizing a genome browser "
      Toutai Mituyama Team Leader, RNA Informatics Team
    • July 3 Fri.
    • 15:10-15:40ACA-3
      Title: "The methods for predicting protein expression/solubility and disordered regions "
      Tamotsu NoguchiDeputy Director

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