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2007/11/21 public information Voice of a Researcher
2007/9/3 public information NEWSLETTER No.21
2007/8/30 Cooperation Developers Vol.1
2007/8/22 Results of research Murlet: Software for Genome Analysis
2007/8/17 Results of research MOU on Bioinformatics research between CBRC and RISC in Austria
2007/8/13 Results of research The research grant of the OKAWA FOUNDATION for Information and Telecommunications
2007/8/6 public information Voice of a Researcher
2007/7/1 public information NEWSLETTER No.20
2007/4/1 public information NEWSLETTER No.19
2007/1/4 public information NEWSLETTER No.18
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2006/11/10 Results of research DB-SPIRE: Database for Structure-based Protein Interaction REsearch
2006/10/12 public information NEWSLETTER No.17
2006/09/15 Results of research ASIAN: Network inference tool by the combination of hierarchical clustering and graphical Gaussian modeling (GGM)
2006/09/01 Event 9th - 13th October
ICSB 2006 (The Seventh International Conference on Systems Biology)
2006/08/15 Newst CBRC and PharmaDesign develop software to predict disorder regions in proteins.
2006/07/03 public information NEWSLETTER No.16
2006/06/15 Results of research Technical Report(Publication No. AIST02-J00001-8)
2006/04/01 public information NEWSLETTER No.15
2006/03/27 public information CBRC Newsletter (English Edition) 2006
2006/01/26 Event 19th - 20th April The 3rd BG/L Sytems Software and Applications Workshop
2006/01/04 public information NEWSLETTER No.14
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2005/12/22 Results of research A. oryzae genome paper has been published in Nature
2005/12/08 Event Bioinformatics Lecture: Prof. Janet Thornton (Director, EMBL-EBI)
2005/12/07 Results of research The Okawa Foundation research grant award ceremony
2005/12/01 Results of research ASTRA (Alternative Splicing and TRanscription Archives) is a database of elementary patterns of alternative splicing and transcriptional initiation.
2005/10/31 public information Annual Report 2004
2005/10/04 Results of research Scarna:Stem Candidate Aligner for RNA
2005/10/03 public information NEWSLETTER No.13
2005/09/15 Event Symposium: CBRC2005, ISCBB2005
2005/08/08 public information Technical Report(Publication No. AIST02-J00001-7)
2005/07/25 Results of research The Okawa foundation research grant Award
2005/07/25 Results of research GRIFFIN(G-Protein and Receptor Interaction Feature Finding INstrument)
2005/07/01 public information NEWSLETTER No.12
2005/06/24 Results of research CBRC Blue Protein got No.8 position in the list of world's fastest supercomputers
2005/06/01 Results of research CellMontage:Cell function analysis system by gene expression profile matching
2005/05/26 public information CBRC Newsletter (English Edition) 2005
2005/04/08 Results of research WoLF PSORT Protein Subcellular Localization Prediction
2005/04/01 public information NEWSLETTER No.11
2005/02/01 Results of research Blue Protein, the computer system for the prediction of tertiary structures and functions of protein molecules installed in CBRC.
2005/01/24 News We are moving to new Bio-IT Research Building.
2005/01/20 public information NEWSLETTER No.10
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2004/12/06 Results of research CBRC Researchers Won the Third and the Fourth Prizes at CASP 6
2004/11/01 public information NEWSLETTER No.9
2004/10/01 Event Pioneering in Bioinformatics
2004/09/27 Results of research Four members incl. Executive Director of BII, Singapore visited CBRC
2004/07/13 Results of research Mr. Boon, Managing Director of A*STAR, Singapore visited CBRC with his companies.
2004/07/01 Results of research Discussion on a concrete exchange with President Young-Hwa Cho of KISTI, Acting Director Hyeon S. Son and Head Soon-Chan Hong of CCBB at CBRC
2004/07/01 public information NEWSLETTER No.8
2004/05/21 Results of research Exchanged ideas with the chairman and researchers of A*STAR Singapore in CBRC
public information NEWSLETTER No.7
2004/03/23 Results of research MOU on Bioinformatics research between CBRC and CCBB in Korea
Results of research Technical Report (Publication No. AIST02-J00001-4,AIST02-J00001-5)
Results of research Technical Report (Publication No. AIST02-J00001-3)
public information NEWSLETTER No.6
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กกกกกกกกกก public information NEWSLETTER No.5
กกกกกกกกกก Event Bioinformatics, Challenge towards to the Future
กกกกกกกกกก Results of research Technical Report (Publication No. AIST02-J00001-2)
public information NEWSLETTER No.4
public information NEWSLETTER No.3
Event Spring School of Bioinformatics
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กก News "Best Paper Award" has been won by 3 of our MMKR Team (Taishin Kin, Koji Tsuda, Kiyoshi Asai) at the 13th International Conference on Genome Informatics / GIW2002
public information NEWSLETTER No.2
Event Bioinformatics in the Post-Genomic Era
Event Leap of Bioinformatics in the 21st Century
Results of research Technical Report (Publication No. AIST02-J00001-1)
public information NEWSLETTER No.1
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